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About Us



We deliver on-demand products, tools and solutions that power some of the world’s best sales forces. We help serious sales professionals succeed and empower focused businesses to grow. Our operations hub is anchored in Atlanta, Georgia.


We are a close knit team of subject matter experts, executives, consultants, developers and support staff scattered around the country.  Although our official base is Atlanta, we are truly a virtual and diverse operation.


Our aim is to help focused sales professionals better understand themselves and to help progressive sales organizations better understand their sales professionals.  We bridge the gap between perception and reality.



Easy signup. Quick set-up. Assessments typically take only 40 minutes to complete. Core results from select packages delivered in hours, not days or weeks.


Backed by 30 years of scientific research. Uniquely designed to minimize manipulation and bias. More meaningful and objective insights.


No contract. Pay as you go. No investment in staff or equipment required. Avoid low ROI from outdated sales training events and the pricey associated travel. Volume discounting.


24 sales dimensions measured. 10 languages available for testing and reporting: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese.


On-demand assessments can be launched and completed on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile), from anywhere and at any time. Minimal disruption to workflow and productivity.


Professionals can fast track the closing of skill gaps through focused action planning and targeted development. Companies can hire, develop and retain talent better.

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